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Treating Acne with Acu-Herb Case 2 A chronic acne:

TCM uses a special perspective and holistic approach in treating acne
TCM uses a special perspective and holistic approach in treating acne

Miss A A 22-year-old of beautician. There are nodular acnes at forehead, face and cheeks for 3-4 years, worse last three months. She always manifests some acnes on before of her period’s coming since the beginning of her menstrual circus, more or less, better after using anti-biotics, but recur quickly while stopping, never completely disappear. The papules appear mainly on face, forehead, front of chest, a few of rash on the back. Due to a course of antibiotic just eased, so she appears not very severe on her skin when she visits me. Due to be a beautician, she requires a higher quality on her face and never allows any small pierces of skin damages, so she looks for TCM treatment for maintaining a good quality for her face.

Clinical figure: regular menstrual circus, minor dysmenorrhea, some new papules or rashes can appear before her period, better after her menstruation; minor constipation, minor anxiety, restlessness; in the meanwhile, minor rashes, Eczemas like occur on end of her limbs. Red tongue with white coating, deep-wiry pulse.

Differentiation of TCM: Accumulated heat at lung and stomach, and liver qi longer time stagnation

Treating principle: releasing accumulated heat from lung and stomach; removing stagnated liver Qi

Treatment: After a short time of taking prescribed herbal powder, she has been given patent herbal pills and external herbal lotion once every month with some modification according to her current state, until that her controlled very well for her skin.