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Case studies on Alopecia: An acute Alopecia after a fever in a child

Alopecia as a rare dermatological disease may also occur to children
Alopecia as a rare dermatological disease may also occur to children

Miss L, 9-year-old. After a fever occurs, she starts to fall off her hair in bigger bundles until whole hair completely falling out on her scalp in two weeks. She is diagnosed Alopecia by a dermatological consultant and is told no any significant treatment which can be given, so she is brought to see doctor of TCM for getting a help by her parents.

Clinical figure: normal growth and slim figure of the child, smooth scalp without any hair throughout of her head, also no any scars, and flacks, no itching and pain on her head. Pale complexion, calmed moody, good appetite and sleep; red tongue without coating, wiry-fine pulse.

Differentiation of TCM: kidney Yin and liver blood deficiencies

Treating principle: strengthening kidney essence and nourishing liver blood stimulating hair’s follicles and promoting hair’s growing

Herbal prescription (omitted), and external herbal tincture 101G is given.

After she takes herbs for two weeks, some small hair start to grow at the top of her head, gradual extend throughout whole scalp in two months until completely healed on her hair. Parent of the child are very satisfactory to this effect.