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Acu-Herb's unique view to cancer treatment and care 

    The Qi, which we also call it the vital energy which is a very important system in our body. Chinese Medicine believes Qi should fully fill all of the meridians and move smoothly in a healthy person. Although we can't see the Qi moving, its existence has been proved by the physic researchers that there is an invisible, real functional system of the bio-electric magnetic wave in our body. Due to this system, we have a self-controlling, self-protective, and self-healing function. If this system in good condition, we should appear a stable immune, active blood production, normal metabolic function and a strong constitution.


   So, we think the Qi's system of the cancer sufferer disorders, which causes blood deficiency, Yin and Yang unbalance, relevant organs and meridians fail to keep their proper functions. So the tumour breaks out of the self-protective system to over-differentiate. Its huge damage is quickly destroying and spreading to other organs and the whole system until to threaten the life. Acupuncture and herbal medicine are able to be used for regulating your disorders, strengthening and maintaining this system of yours. 


    For the cancer sufferers or suspected sufferers, we pay attention more to identify which meridian or organ will, or have been involved. We hope to help you strengthen and maintain your upright Qi for repairing and saving back your self-protective system, to support your self-healing function. So we should give your significant help if you are staying in below conditions:


  1. You are a potential cancer sufferer: you are suspected cancer and waiting for a forthcoming diagnosis, or you have a strong cancer family history and have appeared some early signs, you should accept a supporting treatment which it is possible to build up your upright level for turning tumour to positive result, why wait for it to turn to turn a negative result?

  2. You have been diagnosed and will, or have accepted operation, Chemotherapy or Radiotherapy, you should accept this supporting treatment to prepare you before an operation, correct the side-effects of Chemo-radio therapies, and other unwanted symptoms.    

  3. You have been all of the conventional treatments, but you are still worrying that cancer may recur again, you should be accepting some supporting treatment to regulate some disorders at an early stage, strengthen and maintain your self-protective function.

  4. Some post-disorders after cancer's treatment, such as menopause appears early after chemotherapy treatment for the patients with Breast Cancer, you should be regulated by a natural way.

  5. You have been diagnosed with terminal cancer and can' t be found any suitable therapies from the mainstream, you should also try a natural way which may give you a significant support. At least, you will be given a more comfortable life at your last stage.



There are four major effects of Acu-Herbs treatment on cancer found by researches:

Improve the patients' life quality

Researches show that TCM has a certain antagonistic effect on the adverse reaction of chemotherapy, and it can improve the quality of life of patients to certain extent, and TCM syndrome differentiation and treatment is important for improving the prognosis of stage II or III colorectal cancer in elderly patients. Integrated treatment shows benefit for reducing relapse and metastasis rates, and prolonging survival for elderly patients.

To read more about our successful treatment cases, please read our case study blogs.


For more details of the researches mentioned, please refer to: 


The Role of Chinese Medicine in Cancer Care—a Critical Review by Dan Jiang*, Fan-Yi Meng , Lily Li and Fan Qu published on the World Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine 2016; 2(1): 68–73



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