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Case studies on Alopecia: Alopecia / Baldness at the early stage

Updated: Dec 17, 2018

Case 2 – Alopecia/ Baldness at the early stage

Alopecia/ Baldness is a very common condition in male British
Alopecia/ Baldness is a very common condition in male British

Mr H 35-year-old, African born, British worker, he accompanies with his wife for treating her infertility, but in a day, he complains to have falling his hair a lot at the forehead in last few of months, who can be seen few and scattered hair at the top of his head. Due to his father and old brothers have baldness, he worries going to be like them for himself, so he looks for a TCM treatment for it.

Clinical figures: anxiety, depression, a few and scattered hair at the forehead which is remarkably less hair there, comparing with his hair surrounding of his head which is darker and thicker. He is easy to secrete oil from his hair in general, but no any flacks, itching on his scalp. Light red tongue with thin white coating and wiry pulse.

Diagnosis of Conventional medicine: Alopecia and baldness in the early stage.

Differentiation of TCM: liver Qi stagnation and kidney deficiency with internal accumulated heat and dampness.

Treating principle: releasing accumulated liver Qi, and strengthening kidney

eliminating excessive heat and dampness

Treatment: Patent herbal medicine

1) Chaihushugan Wan/ Longdanxiegan Wan alternatively

2) Heshouwu Wan

Above herbs are orally taken 15 pills twice daily

3) 101A tincture is put on the affected area once daily

He is healed in two months, all of hair growing up at the forehead and all thick and dense hair covers throughout of his hair. He is very satisfactory to be successfully prevented the baldness’ occurrence in this time.