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Acu-Herb's Unique View to Infertility


Ms. Dan Jiang has a wealth of experience in both clinical practice and academic studies in treating female and male infertility in the UK for more than 25 years, she has published a series of journal papers on this topic and recently wrote two book chapters:

Treatment of Chinese Herbal Medicine to Female Infertility” 

Effect of Chinese Herbal Medicine to Male infertility

for the book “Neurobiology of Chinese Herbal Medicine” published by Elsevier in 2017. 

The disorders of reproductive and endocrine function are the common cause of female infertility which can be included from either an organic or dysfunctional condition. In last decade years of my practice, I found more and more ladies with infertility have been had their babies supported by acupuncture and Chinese medicine, through improved their functional disorders, or cured their organic diseases.


I recognize that it is a right treating method to use acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine under the guiding of integrated theories from traditional and modern medicines for treating the symptoms and signs which are caused by reproductive and endocrine disorders. If we can make the best function in relevant reproductive organs for the lady in each period of time following with menstrual circle, we will support her to be conceived [1].


Australia researchers confirm that a good preparation with TCM treatment can improve pregnancy rate 2 folds (33% to 60%) compared with the routine western medicine drug treatment [2]; A systematic TCM preparative (WS-TCM) treatment can increase the success rate of IVF and other Assistant reproductive techniques (ART).


A research with 1231 fresh cycles made by USA scientists, Non-donor cycles numbered 1069, donor cycles numbered 162. In the non-donor cycles, WS-TCM group (61.3%) compared with either the usual care (48.2%) or ACU groups (50.8%); of the donor cycles, 85.7% of the WS-TCM group, 62.5% of the usual care and 59.5% of the ACU group had a live birth, but this was not significantly fewer than usual care or ACU groups. [3].


For sperm disorders or other reasons caused Infertility in men, TCM can also do a good treatment too. Some herbal medicines are available to promote the quality and amount of sperms and strengthen the sexual function of men.


References (with PDF files to download):


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