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Chinese Herbal Medicine

Medicinal Chinese herbs have been used for centuries to cure diseases and alleviate discomfort due to many different disorders. Every herb has its own properties which include its energy, its flavour, its movement and its related meridians to which it connects too.


The four types of energies are cold, cool, warm and hot. Usually, cold or cool herbs will treat fever, thirst, sore throat and general heat diseases. Hot or warm herbs will treat cold sensation in the limbs, cold pain and general cold diseases. The five flavours of herbs are pungent, sweet, sour, salty and bitter.


If you suffer from any mild to severe organic, functional disease: or maybe a condition difficult to explain or identify: or just pre-disease symptoms; Ms Dan Jiang will diagnose and identify the imbalance creating the conditions and will then make a treatment plan and choose suitable therapies for you which may involve acupuncture, herbal medicine, a combination of the two or some alternative.

Ms Dan Jiang uses combinations of more than 500 herbs from plant leaves, flowers, roots, stems and seeds. Each herb has individual properties that differ when used in conjunction with others. These herbs will be individually prescribed by Ms Dan Jiang for each patient. They can be boiled to make a herbal juice and drunk twice daily, or, if preferred, they can be taken in powder or tablet form.

Raw herbs for decoction


Ms Dan Jiang will make up an individualised prescription for the patient. After asking the patient about all aspects of his condition and his general health, a formula is prescribed and made up, selecting a few from the hundreds of herbs available. This is considered to be the most powerful form of herbal treatment. Ms Dan Jiang gives her patients full instructions on how to boil the herbs up into a herbal decoction.

Concentrated powders

Herb Powder

Herbs may also be taken as concentrated powders. These can be individually prescribed and made up, like raw herbs, but unlike the raw herbs do not need to be boiled up into a decoction.

Pre-prepared herbal medicines


Also popular and widely usedis the pre-prepared herbal products or "patent" herbal medicines. They are usually in pill form, or sometimes as granules or as drinks, and creams may sometimes be used for skin conditions. Pre-prepared herbal pills are convenient to take, and a familiar format for those not accustomed to Chinese medicine.

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