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Women's Health Q & A

An alternative perspective to treat common women's health conditions

Chronic abdominal and pelvic pains:

If you have aching or pain in the lower abdomen or back, accompanied with increased vaginal discharge, it means inflammation of a large area, possibly the whole pelvis.
You should have a relevant herbal treatment orally or locally, or acupuncture to heal the pelvic inflammation.
But if the abdominal pain is localized to a particular place (such as the lower right abdomen) with muscle tightening, the pain is transferred from the stomach to the lower abdomen, the pain happens from a Caesarean, or the pain is very severe with spasms, you should see a doctor to have a clear diagnosis and necessary treatment from conventional western medicine. If doctor doesn’t give you treatment, then you can go for herbal and acupuncture treatment.

No milk or not enough milk production:

Some women give birth when they are older, or some of them experience one or several miscarriages. For these women they may find that are hard to produce milk or that not enough milk comes out. This is because their milk (lactiferous) ducts in the breasts remain obstructed or have not become unblocked completely. Some women find that they produce milk, but production stops after she becomes angry, cries or suffers any strong emotions. This is because strong emotions suddenly stagnates Liver Qi and this causes the milk ducts in the breasts to stagnate as well.
Some ladies possess a weak constitution, or they experience too much bleeding, or severe conditions during the labor, or they suffer from anemia and other internal complication. These ladies are too week to produce milk, or enough milk to feed their babies.
There are many forms and prescriptions of Chinese herbal medicine which are able to unblock the milk ducts of breasts to make milk come through, by removing the Liver Qi stagnation and blood stasis; they also strengthen your constitution to help you to produce enough milk. Breast feed is the best way to feed your baby and loose weight for yourself.

Poor appetite, indigestion, constipation or diarrhea:

After labor, women need to have a good appetite to secure enough nutrients to heal yourself soon and produce milk to feed your baby. But some women may have a weak stomach due to a general deficiency, or suffered from a stomach disease or functional disorder in the past, or leave a deficiency from blood lost during labor, so that she develops poor appetite, indigestion, bloating and discomfort in the upper abdomen, loose bowel, diarrhea, or constipation.
Due to your breast feeding, so it is better to take herbs for correcting and re-regulating your digestive system; acupuncture is applied to strengthen your digestion function.

Anemia, insomnia, lethargy & fatigue:

Tiredness is the commonest symptom after labor, due to excessive energy expenditure during labor. Normally it will recover in a few days or months. However some women always feel excessively tired, which does not recover after a good sleep and meal, or suffer from a tiredness that causes restlessness which in turn causes poor sleep and appetite.
Lethargy means tiredness with poor concentration, no interest in doing anything and drowsiness; fatigue means low energy, muscle weakness with wobbling and dizziness. Above symptoms can be accompanied with anemia or insomnia.
Some women may feel generally low of energy after labor if she suffers from post-viral chronic-fatigue syndrome, otherwise known as ME.
This is because your energy system has been damaged. Not enough energy can fill in some meridians. TCM calls it Qi deficiency, such as spleen Qi deficiency or Kidney Qi deficiency. Acupuncture should be applied to strengthen and stimulate your energy system to promote quick healing; Herbal medicine can supply energy to your body to help your body to heal completely.

Depression, anxiety, irritability or mood swings

After labor, a woman needs to feed and look after her baby and often stays at home alone. Therefore some emotional disorders easily appear: depression means that you always feel low, are irritable, upset or anger easily, with no interest in doing anything; anxiety means that you feel panic attacks, palpitations, lack of confidence, worry a lot and feel discomfort in the chest.
The abnormal emotions belong to psychiatric disorders. TCM believes this is caused by the stagnation of Qi movement. For example, Qi stagnation occurs in the Liver meridian which causes irritation and depression; Qi stagnation occurs in the Heart meridian causing anxiety and palpitations; Qi stagnation occurs in the Kidney meridian which cause panic attacks, even phobias and so on. Also the stagnation of Qi can be caused by blood deficiency, Yin deficiency and other pathological processes which occurred during labor and the rehabilitation period.
Either acupuncture or herbs, or both, possess good treatment to correct all kinds of emotional disorders.

Any muscle, ligament or joint pain:

The existence of pain is a symptom which nobody is able to tolerate for a long time. Pain in muscles, ligaments and joints is a common condition after labor. Some women suffer from back, neck or joint pain before, or during her pregnancy; her pain may continue, or even get worse after her labor. During the postnatal period, if the woman has not had enough rest, or suffers from a dampness and cold, she may suffer pains everywhere.
Acupuncture is the best treatment which not only eases pain from joints, muscles and ligaments, but also regulates your motoring system to correct the wrong processes; anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving herbs should be given to women who are breast-feeding.

Recurrent colds or flu:

When you are generally weak, you may recognize that you easily catch up cold or influenza. It shows that your immune system is too weak to protect you. TCM believes that it is a stronger defensive Qi to bar any pathogenic factors and fight them at the exterior level which is better than letting the pathogenic factors go inside your body.
Also it is possible that you are leaving a chronic virus infection: such as tonsillitis, pharyngitis, or tympanitis. They may inflame up when you are in a low condition when they were never completely cured in the past.
You need to take antiviral herbs to completely clear the virus which is in your body and heal your immune system, and use acupuncture to strengthen your energy system and improve your constitution.

Skin problem: Eczema, Acnes, Herpes, Shingles or Psoriasis:

Eczema is caused by an immune system disorder, possibly the existence of a genetic immune system illness; acne is related to a hormonal disorder; herpes and shingles are caused by a virus, and psoriasis is caused by multiple reasons. But all of these problems happen on the skin, and TCM believes they are caused by excessive heat and dampness accumulated inside your body which cannot be removed out in the normal way, and therefore spread out on the skin to cause problems. These skin problems appear during the postnatal period and are related to a weak constitution in general during the post-partum period. In spite of calming down your immune system, removing the virus or regulating your hormonal disorder, TCM prefers to treat them orally, which means removing excessive pathogenic factors from inside your body. It may make these pathogenic factors remove from the bowel or urine, but clears the damage on the skin. For skin problems, herbs should be the first choice.

Heavy, colored and smelly vaginal discharge

In general, it is normal to have more vaginal discharge in the first few days after labor. However it is abnormal if there is heavy, yellowish and smelly vaginal discharge. If there is aching or pain in the lower abdomen or lower back, you may have some inflammation of the uterus, pelvis or vagina. If you take antibiotics and yet your symptoms have not completely cleared, or they recur, this may mean that you have developed a chronic condition.
You should take herbs to clear the inflammation completely and balance your immune system to support you healing soon and completely.

Causes of continued vaginal bleeding

  1. Some placental tissue and internal blood clots in the uterus have not cleared completely.  

  2. The muscle of uterus is still too weak to remove all of its internal contents

  3. The uterus is too weak to recover itself to a normal size. 

You can take herbs to promote uterine contraction and help it to expel the rest of the placental tissue and internal blood clots out completely. This will also prevent inflammation developing in the uterus. Acupuncture is a therapy which regulates your general condition and supports your reproductive function to heal quickly.

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