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Treating Acne with Acu-Herb Case 1 A severe mixed types of Acnes

Updated: Nov 12, 2018

Mr Y X 21-year-old of Chinese Student. Very severe nodules and purulent acnes occur on his face and cheeks for a half year. In his 16-17-year-old, before coming to UK, due to a stressful review for entrancing examination to the University with the long-term of anxiety tension, he begins to attack acnes and is given anti-biotics, also Chinese medicine, all of acnes can be reduced, but never completely eliminated. In the past six months, he has under of a lot of pressure to learn, and Briton climate is wet, too much diary in the diet, his skin damage is extensive in last two months, there are more nodules, tubercles appear at forehead, both of cheeks, mandible, neck and back, break and red on some of them; purulent secretion at tips on some of them; anxiety, nervousness, loose bowel and insomnia; red tongue with white-greasy coating and yellow at the middle part; floating-rolling-large pulse.

Differentiation of TCM: Excessive heat accumulation mingles with dampness at the upper and middle burners

Treating principle: releasing excessive heat and expelling dampness

Acupuncture: Fire acupuncture on Du14 and Taiyang (Ext)

Acupuncture: Du20, Gb20, St8, 6, Li11, 4, Sp10, 6, Liv3

Chinese herbal decoction: Omitted

After two months of treatment, effusion on the papules is less, purulent secretion at the pustules are eliminated; but nodules are still more or less produced. While a new therapy—a blood pierce to the local severe acnes has been given, a bigger progress has been occurred for him.