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Conditions We Treat

According to the World Health Organisation, Traditional Chinese Medicine we offered is considered appropriate for the treatment of following illnesses and health conditions:

Visit Ms Dan Jiang

if you are involved in the following conditions:


Pre-Clinic COnditions

1.  You are suffering from some illness, or symptoms, which they may be in the early stage of some diseases, or belong to pre-clinic conditions such as tiredness, fatigue, insomnia, depression, or anxiety. You should seek help from holistic acu-herb treatment offered by Ms Dan Jiang to release them and to prevent them to change to a disease.


Chronic Disease

2.  You are in a chronic disease, which hasn’t been controlled completely by conventional routine treatment. Such as Chronic bronchitis, Eczema, Psoriasis, asthma and so on.


undiagnosable  Conditions

3.  You have a disease which has not been diagnosed, or hard to be diagnosed by conventional western medicine. Such as you are suspected of cancer, you are found positive in an or a few of signs in your blood, or another examination, but you are still out of qualification to be diagnosed cancer or other severe physical diseases, you should not be waiting;


Comprehensive COnditions

4.  You may be mixed many kinds of diseases or dysfunctions which has made a complex condition with you, even can be intolerant, or over-reacted to a routine treatment;


Post-Treatment Conditions

5.  You may have diagnosed with cancer or other severe diseases, and you have been treated, or basically controlled by a routine treatment, but you are still worried your disease will recur, or get worse again.

With over 40 years of clinical and teaching experiences in acupuncture and TCM, Ms Dan Jiang will dedicate the best service with a holistic TCM perspective tailored just for you.

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