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Ms Jiang's Health Tips For Newborn Babies

When you find some common signs of newborn babies including heat from the palms or face, dark urine and restlessness, etc.:

​​​Herbs are a suitable way of solving the baby’s health problems rather than by chemicals, due to its gentler effect and less side-effect. Some Chinese herbal medicines for babies are manufactured as liquids or tiny pills which can be easily given to babies; also some babies’ problems can be given herbs to their mother if they are being breastfed. A baby is given herbs for not only treating his/her disease or health disorder but also strengthening them and make them more healthy.


Here are our understanding and treatment principles to the five most common health problems occur in babies:


Some new babies are found to have minor jaundice when he/she comes back home.
The doctor should have some more treatment or intensive care to the babies who are found severe jaundice. But if the baby has only minor jaundice, he/she is sent back home, but his /her parent may still worry this jaundice cause a health problem for her/him later on.
You are able to apply a herb for removing this minor jaundice from seeing an experienced practitioner of TCM. This jaundice is caused by different blood types between baby and Mother; TCM believes that it is caused by excessive dampness, so a herb, Herba Artemisiae scopariae (Yinchen) can clear this dampness from her/his blood to remove jaundice and protect her/his liver. The herb should be boiled in water to make a juice, and then taking a finger packed gauze which is saturated with the juice to swab the membrane of baby’s mouth.

Poor appetite, vomit, constipation or diarrhea

Eating is an instinctive function of baby, so a good appetite and regular stool of a light yellow colour are signs to identify whether the digestive function of the baby is good or not.


A poor digestive function can be seen as below:

  1. Premature baby: because he / she is born too small to have a enough strong digestive function;

  2. The baby takes too much cold milk that has given him / her a weak digestive function, TCM calls this condition Spleen deficiency;

  3. The baby is given excessive milk when he / she still possesses a weak digestive function which cannot digest all of milk, so some of milk accumulates to make the stomach Qi stagnate.

We can give herbs to correct this digestive dysfunction which will strengthen the deficiency and remove the stagnated food to make the baby recover.

Restlessness, poor sleep

In general, a new baby should be sleeping most of time. Mum should set a regular timetable to arrange his or her eating, and it is the best to make regular his or her water and bowel movements as well. A health baby should be calm and is easily looked after, if Mum manages Baby well.
If your baby manifests restlessness and cries all the time without reason, we should identify whether the baby suffers from some discomfort; accumulated food, colic or any disorder of the digestive function are the most common reasons.

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Recurrent colic (spasmodic griping pain in the belly):

Recurrent colic or spasmodic griping pain in the belly is called colic. It is the commonest reason for crying and restlessness.


It is a minor health disorder if his or her tummy is soft by touch, also if he or she likes to be massaged on his or her abdomen. Of course, the baby should be taken to a doctor if he or she screams and cries more than usual or if his or her tummy is tense to touch.

Recurrent colic or spasm can be caused by:​

  1. Too much cold milk or drink

  2. Too much milk is taken​​

Herbs should be taken to re-regulate the dysfunction for the baby

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