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Updated: Jan 12, 2019

Psoriasis is another common skin problem in UK which is able to be seen on male, female and children in every age.  The heredity is a reason, stress, menstrual and living environment changes always invoke the Psoriasis occurring or aggravating. The bad disadvantage of Psoriasis is easy to recur and hard to cure. So it is necessary to treat it from inside of body, rather then only external cream.

Case study, Ms C. F.

From left to right:

Before the herbal treatment on Oct 1998 - During the the herbal treatment on Dec 1998 - After the the herbal treatment Jan 1999

Ms C F, 62 years old of house wife suffers from a recurrent Psoriasis for all of her life. She is appearing a bad condition for last three months. She is found many big red patches covering on her truck, limbs with dry flecks and cracks on the patches which make her hot and itching in everywhere, and irritable, insomnia and constipation. She is given steroid creams, but she doesn’t think that it is still working, so she tries to take herbs.

The herbal decoction is prescribed according to her conditions following with the diagnosis of TCM --- heat in her blood and Yin deficiency. She starts to find a different on her skin since she is taking herbs for two week where is less redness and flecks; she is also feels better in general, better sleep, calming down emotion and regular bowel movements. A course of three months has passed; she has been free patches with a clear skin.