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Eczema and itching rashes

Eczema is one of the most common skin disease occurs in the UK. Some people are suffering from this kind of rashes since when he/she is born, and which is believe to be related with a genetic immunological disorder called Atopic Dermatitis by the dermatologists. Chinese herbal medicine can help to treat the patients with severe Atopic Dermatitis with a significant effect, this is proven by clinical trails made by a research team of medical dermatologists, the results are published in a series of authoritative medical magazines (1, 2, 3, and 4).

Chinese herbal medicine makes a positive treatment to the patients with Eczema or Atopic Dermatitis from its giving a general reregulation from inside of his/her body which is definitely a significant complement to atopic steroid cream. Special for the young baby and children, the herbal medicine plays a more important and appropriate role to them. The baby or child will be cured when he or she is growing up if his or her Eczema is controlled completely when he or she is younger. Dr Jiang has had a good experience to treat these babies, children or adults with Eczema or Atopic Dermatitis.

Case Study:

The baby with eczema before treatment with TCM

S R, nine months old of a Pakistani baby suffers from severe Atopic Dermatitis since he is born. He is covered red rashes throughout whole of his body---face, head, limbs and truck. He is given steroid cream with a bandaged during the night. Due to a bad weepy and itching, the baby is crying and irritating all the time that makes his mum worries and tears. So she brings the baby to see Dr Jiang for a Chinese herbal medicine.

The baby with eczema after treatment with TCM

An herbal decoction is given to him to drink and bath, the baby is gradually getting calm down. Then he is given a continue treatment for a course of a half years. He is cured all of rashes and keeps off steroid cream completely. Since then he keeps free-rashes without any eczema recurrent until he is 7 years old. On that time, he has a minor rashes appearing on his face and arms. An herbal decoction is given only two weeks, his rashes disappear completely. His Mather is very pleasant to the treatment, so she sends his photos before and after he is treated to Dr Jiang for a memory.


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