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Spondylitis and Spondylosis

Case 1: Spondylitis:

Ms V J who is 53 years old of IT officer visited Dr Jiang for general pain on her back and everywhere for two years, worse for two months. She is diagnosed a Fibromyalgia which is caused from the Spondilitis and proved by x-ray. Due to a chronic pain, she felt depression, restlessness, nervous and a poor sleep. All of intelligent function was getting poor. Painkillers made her constipation, but eased the general pain only for a short time, so she went to see Dr Jiang.

She was given a regular acupuncture once a week and anti-inflammatory and stress-releasing herbal pills which removing the internal dampness from spinal joints and distribution of the Liver Qi were explained by TCM. She was gradually getting better, less pain, relaxation, good sleep and energetic feeling again. All of symptoms have been controlled completely in a course of four months of treatment.

Case 2: Spondylitis and Spondylosis:

Ms J D who is 76 years old visited Dr Jiang for her aching back, aching and weakness on legs for three years, worse for two months. An x-ray proved that she suffered from Spondylitis and Spondylosis. She always feels pain which can be in everywhere: neck, back, groin or leg, at changeable either or both sides. She feels it is difficult to sit or stand up, and crippled due to a bad aching or weakness.

So she is given a regular acupuncture, electric needles are used when she possesses a bad pain. She visits Dr Jiang for acupuncture once week initially, and oral taking twice daily of anti-inflammatory herbal pills, an herbal granule is given in the evening for promoting treating power. She is gradually getting less pain, and then she is changed to every two weeks to do acupuncture and continue to take herbs regularly. After three months of treatment, she has almost free-pain, but only some stiffness at her back in the morning. She feels more weakness rather than pain on both of her legs which is caused by Spondylosis. If she wants to change the stiffness and weakness, she needs to keep a longer course of treatment, Dr Jiang tells to her. So she is keeping taking acupuncture once in every four weeks and continuing the herbal pills to reinforcing Kidney and strengthening bone now.  


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