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General Joints pain

The pain in a single joint is the commonest problem which always is the early stage of Arthritis or Rheumatoid Arthritis, or a single joint, or ligament injuries. It should be treated as early as possible, and it is easier cure to be treated early, rather then it is lasting for a longer period of time. Either injury or inflammatory of the joint, it has produced some more adhesion in the joint if it is lasting longer, so it is necessary to cure it with a longer course of treatment. 

Froze Shoulder:

Because it is easier to be suffered from a man or woman who is aged around 50 years old, so it is also called ’50 shoulder’. Froze Shoulder manifests a pain on the shoulder, more on the one side which makes him /her hard to move the arm and radiate to the neck or arm.

Case study: Mr D W 47 years old of text driver, suffers from a pain on his right shoulder for three months who is hard to move his arm up and toward to back. He can’t circle his right arm as well. Due to this restricted move of his right arm, he has to visit Dr Jiang for acupuncture.

Acupuncture only is suggested to him. After the first acupuncture, he feels remarkable different who is able to move him arm up and slow circle, but this good work lasts only two days, he feel gradually pain coming back; then he keeps to accept a two months of course of acupuncture every week, he moves flexibly on his right arm without any shoulder pain.

Tennis Elbow:

Case Study: Ms A E 46 years old of officer bitters from a pain on her right elbow for two months which restricts her work and exercise after she is off of her work. She feels a bad pain when she tries to stretch her right arm which there are swelling and pressed pain around of her right elbow.

She is given acupuncture only at the first visit. She feels easy to stretch her arm immediately with almost free pain after she is done acupuncture. Then she is gradually recognizing the pain’s occurrence around of her right arm after 2-3 days, but less than before, so she continues to accept acupuncture once weekly for 5 weeks, she has disappeared the swelling and pain around of her elbow completely. She is not only enjoying to do her work hardly, but also she is able to do her exercise when she is off her work.

Knee Pain:

Case Study: Ms C B, 62 years old suffers from a snagging pain on her left knee for a half year. When she visits Dr Jiang, she has a swelling left knee with a bad pain and also swells on both of ankles which are caused from a high blood pressure. 

She is reduced her pain and swelling of her left knee quickly with weekly acupuncture and herbal medicine which release the excessive dampness from her left knee. She takes a longer time to treat the swelling on the low legs.

Heel pain:

Case study: Ms M P, 67 years old suffers from a heel pain for three months and is diagnosed ‘Plantar Fasciitis’. She feels stinging pain when she weights at feet from a set or lying position to get up, worse in the morning. Due to not getting enough benefit from anti-inflammatory, she visits Dr Jiang for acupuncture. Acupuncture of reinforcing kidney and releasing blood stasis is given and an anti-inflammatory herbal pill is given, she starts to feel better since the secondary treatment. She has disappeared all of her heel pain after 6 weeks of her treatment.


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