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Acute back pain (Back muscle strain and small spinal joint disorder)

Ms E R who is 72 years old of retired teacher, sudden appeared an acute back pain for a week. An x-ray showed a negative which was given by her GP, so an anti-inflammatory drug was suggested. She came to see Dr Jiang for this back pain. There were some muscle tension on her back from the low chest to the bottom, worse on the right side, some pressed pain found on a few of spinal vertebrae; sensitive on the central sciatic point at the right low bottom checked by Dr Jiang. So a muscle strain was diagnosed, possible existence of small spinal joints disorder. That an external wind and dampness invaded into her joints and engaged in the muscles was explained by TCM.

Acupuncture is given immediately to her. She felt relaxation and less pain at once after she is taken off the needles; she is required to circle and move her waist which is able to help all of the small joints of the skeleton to find a right position automatically. She couldn’t circle or move her waist before she is done acupuncture due to muscle tensing, but she is able to do so because Acupuncture has made the muscle relaxation already. If her spinal joints turn to a normal position, her back pain will disappear completely; if the disorder of spinal joint still exists, her back pain will return in the next a couple of day. So Dr Jiang always advises her patients with back pain to circle and move your waist more often after you have done acupuncture, special in the first a couple of days. An anti-inflammatory herbal granule is given to Ms E R.

After three times of acupuncture are done, she has been completely free pain on herb back. She is very happy to have this result such quickly.  


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