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ME, Fibromyalgia and Post-virus, Chronic fatigue syndrome (paper included):

Updated: Dec 19, 2018

ME, Fibromyalgia and Post-virus, Chronic fatigue syndrome (paper included):

ME is a short of Myalgia Encephalomyelitis which is a popular name using in UK, but it is also known as post-virus syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome in the world; Fibromyalgia means general muscle aching which is the most common symptom of ME. Ms Dan Jiang believes that ME is a disorder of one’s energy system, possibly caused by a viral infection. It always manifests itself as a chronic condition with general aching or tiredness and many other symptoms, such as, catarrh: headache: poor concentration: depression: restlessness: panic attacks: insomnia: constipation or diarrhea with abdominal distension, indigestion; and so on. The virus always destroys many systems culminating in a more complex condition. Ms Jiang’s objective in treating ME is to regulate or strengthen a patient’s energy system and thus remove the virus by using her Traditional Chinese Medicine therapies.

Case Study: A ME is cured completely

Mr H Lee, aged 32, is a mature student studying for a Masters Degree. He has suffered from headache, general aching and tiredness for two years owing to recurrent colds brought on by the stress of study. He had to apply to suspend his study for a year because he was too ill to withstand the pressures of a full time course. In desperation, he called Ms Jiang and was offered treatment. He was healed in 2 months and returned to full-time study including part-time employment. Please read what he has to say:

“I felt terrible before I was treated by Ms Dan Jiang. I felt tired all the time, I even could not read continually for more than two hours. At the beginning of year 2003, I came to see Ms Dan. Jiang; I was treated by acupuncture and herb-medicine regularly. After two months, I felt that the energy was growing in my body and I could do more work. I had more confidence that I could be as strong as before and, it is true, I am now enjoying my study in University.”


1. Jiang D. and Frank Paul “Analysis of 50 Cases of ME Treated with Chinese herbs and Acupuncture” is published in Journal of Chinese Medicine No.44 Jan 13, 1994. (JCM) This paper was read out and was awarded an ‘Excellent Paper Award’ in the 7th International conference of TCM and the secondary international conference of Integrated TCM and Western Medicine, Los Angeles, USA June 1995.

2. Jiang D. “ECIWO Biology Theory on the ME Syndrome Diagnosed and Treated with Auricular Points”, “ECIWO in Medicine” Proceeding of the 2nd International Congress of ECIWO Biology Sept 1992 670

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