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Coronary heart diseases and its complications

Updated: Dec 18, 2018

Coronary heart disease is the import disease on the senile people, because it produces the higher mortality. The appearance of three higher which are high blood pressure, high blood sugar and high cholesterol is appointed as the typical signs to indicate the organs’ decline, so we should control the all of symptoms to reduce the three higher and prevent the coronary heart disease. The TCM treatment will complement the routine treatment from conventional western medicine to make the patient higher level’s recovery.

Some cases from various conditions which are related with coronary diseases are managed well by Dr Jiang who uses the acupuncture and herbal medicine, along with the routine treatment.

1. Arrhythmia (Irregular heartbeats)

Mr. C. G. who is 62-year-old retired engineer came to the clinic for his recurrent anxiety and palpitation. He had been suffering from depression, stress, anxiety and fatigue for over a half year. Along these symptoms he also felt tightness of chest, breathlessness and palpitation. He once fainted after a sudden palpitation and headache, so he was sent to hospital and diagnosed to suffer angina. He was prescribed Aspirin after he was discharged. Although his symptoms of dizziness and headache had gone, he still felt breathlessness, fatigue and palpitation. He also had loose bowel and urgent diarrhoea in the morning. So he came to see Dr Jiang.

Check up: arrhythmia, extra systole, 4-5times/per 1min, cardiac souffle. BP: 138 / 80mmHg, P76/1min. The location hospital has given an ECG which diagnoses him as Ventricular premature contraction, Pale face, red tongue with white coating, wiry pulse with irregular missing beats.

Deferential diagnosis of TCM: Qi and Yin deficiency in both heart and Spleen.

Acu: Du20, Ren17 St 18, 36 P6 H5 Sp6 K6

Herbal Medicine: Sheng Maiyin and Di Ao Xin Xue Kang

Regular treatment is given once a week. Two months later, cardiac souffle and arrhythmia both disappeared.

2. Heart Failure

Mr. H W is 68 years old of retiree came for his peritoneal fluid and jaundice. He just finished a ten-day hospital treatment. However, the symptoms had not disappeared. Check up: yellow coloured skin and eyes, breathlessness, full of rales in the lung, too breathless to lie in a flat dawn, extended liver and spleen, liver extended to 4 inches from the last rib, swelling legs, and absolute arrhythmia (possible arterial fibrillation).

Analysis of the symptoms: the acute full heart failure is possible diagnosed. He was hospitalized only for the surgical possibility of gallbladder stone remove. However, consideration and examination were only given for the acceptation of the operation; the internal treatment was insufficient here.

Deferential diagnose of TCM: Heart and spleen deficiency and damp-phlegm accumulation.

Acu: Du20, Ren17, 20 St 36 Sp 6 Sj5 / Gb41

Herbal Medicine: Guizhi 10g Shichangpu 10g Yujin 10g Gualou 10g Dafupi 10g Yiren 30g Zexie 10g Fulin 10g Zhulin 15g Wuweizi 10g Danseng 10g Zhigancao 5g

One week later, after the six packs of dried herbs were taken, the swollen improved significantly, arterial fibrillation disappeared and the heartbeat became regular with a few missing per minute. The patient could lie down and move around flexibly, and the peritoneal fluid was also reduced. In the following treatments, acupuncture was given once a week and the dried herbs were changed frequently according to his condition.

Four weeks later, although the patient’s heartbeat became regular and the swollen reduced; his condition was still not stable. He was persuaded to have Western medical treatment again because the Chinese herbal medicine alone might not be strong enough for heart failure. After Cardiac Glycoside was used by the Cardiological consultant, his heart failure was controlled. Regular acupuncture was still given, and the dried herbs were changed to herbal pills:

Shengmaiying and Di Ao Xin Xue Kang. The patient is happy with the results. He can move freely and does not feel angina. He is capable of living a normal life.

Analysis: the heart failure is a severe clinical condition which is possible to threaten the life, but it is not enough treating power for acupuncture and herbal medicine alone. So Dr. Jiang gave the patient a relevant treatment when he wasn’t paid attention enough by the routine medicine, meanwhile persuaded him to see GP or cardiological consultant. After doctor gives him a good enough treatment, he has been in a stable condition. He is continued acupuncture and herbal medicine for complementing and maintaining this stable condition.

3. Herpetension

Ms C M who is 59 years old of teacher suffered from a headache and was diagnosed Hypertension for two years. The blood pressure was once as high as 200/120mmHg. GP tried many kinds of medicines to help her, such as the diuretic, various depressors. The medicine, however, could not calm her BP completely down. Ms. M was on three types of diuretic and depressors medicines together when she first visited the clinic. Her blood pressure was still at 170-180 / 98 -110 mmHg, and she felt nervous, anxious, depression. She also had poor sleep and hot flashes.

Check up: red tongue with little coating, wiry and fine pulse.

Deferential diagnose of TCM: Yin deficiency of liver and kidney and excessive liver Yang rising up

Acu: Du20, Sj5 / Gb41 Gb34 Sp96 Ki 6, 7 Liv3

Herbal medicine: Chaihushugan 15 pills twice daily; Zhibaidihuang 15 pills twice daily

The recheck one-week later showed that the blood pressure was reduced to 138/92. The second time recheck stated that the blood pressure was 126/84. The blood pressure is stable afterward, and the patient felt that the original symptoms disappeared and the sleep improved.

Analysis: Dr Jiang explains that acupuncture and herbal medicine balance this patient which removes the Qi and blood stagnation inside of her, so help the patient is responsible well to the medications which reduce her blood pressure to the normal.

4. Hyperlipemia (High Cholesterol)

Mr. P A who is 38 years old manager initially looked for TCM’s help for his stomach pain. From the requirement of medical history, he was discovered that except stomach ache, he had a family history of the coronary heart disease and hyperlipemia. His grandfather and father both passed away at early ages due to coronary heart disease. He started to feel breathlessness five years ago and was soon diagnosed to have coronary heart diseases and hyperlipemia. He had been on regular medicine for hyperlipemia for five years. Since he was reluctant to keep taking drugs, he stopped the medical treatment half a year ago, and his cholesterol increase to 6.8 (normal standard<4). He wished to try TCM, and therefore the treatment was given for hyperlipemia as well as for his stomach problem. Check up: light red tongue and slow pulse.

Deferential diagnose of TCM: Stomach Qi stagnation and spleen Qi deficiency,  Cold-damp accumulated within

Acu:  Du20  Ren 12 17 L4 St36 44 Sp6 4, Moxi on Ren 8

Herbal medicine:  Jiaweibaohe 15 pills twice daily Shanzhajiangzhi   2 pills twice daily

The recheck two-month later, his cholesterol was shown as 4.2. The hyperlipemia was back to normal after another two months treatment. She keeps coming for once every 2 weeks acupuncture treatment and taking herbal pills. The symptoms have all gone and no other Western medicine is used.

For full analysis please read the paper in PDF format below:

Jiang D & Liu M Analysis & evaluation on Complications of Coronary Heart Diseas treated with Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine in UK was presented at “the 2nd TCM conference of Cardiological Diseases” in Toronto Canada Oct 2006; published on Journal of Association of TCM 2005, Issue29, P36-37.