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Hay fever, Asthma and Immunological disorders

Updated: Dec 18, 2018

Case I: Hay Fever is controlled completely Mr G C who is 47 years old of manager suffers from a recurrent Hey fever every year for the years when he can’t memory.  He went to visit Dr Jiang at first time who felt catarrhal, running nose, itching eyes, a lot of discharge continue to run out from nose and eyes; he also felt headache, nervous and restlessness. All of symptoms come more or less for three weeks in this year which come out in the similar time in every year. He is given anti-histime drug which make him drowse, so he looks for another treatment.

A regular acupuncture and patent herbal pill are given to him. He feels better in the first week and keeps to come in every week for a month, he feels completely free without any symptoms. Then he comes 2-3 times to accept acupuncture, and possible patent herbs in every year before he appears his symptoms for continuous 3 years, he has been controlled very well. He needn’t see Dr Jiang in the most of years, but he comes occasionally to accept a couple of times of acupuncture at present if he may feel a bit of symptoms when he works too stress and tiredness, but he is always controlled quickly.       

Case 2 Asthma is controlled completely and released the addictive steroid

G S who is 12 years old of student and a good footballer. He has been suffering from Asthma since he was a baby, so he has to take inhalers of Salbutamol and Becotide regularly for many years, and take antibiotics and oral steroid quite often. Since he joins school football team, he loves football very much and also is a good footballer. But his asthma makes him breathlessness, cough with a lot of phlegm if he is training slight more. He hates it, his mother worries a lot to him. So he is sent to Dr Jiang for an alternative treatment.

He was showed to Dr Jiang in the first time, he was well because he was controlled by regular inhalers and just finished a course of antibiotics. So Dr Jiang recognized a preventive treatment should be used to balance his immune system. For the young kid, she would like to put some herbal patches which there was a herbal seed in a bean size to stick in the central patch in an one inch square on the relevant points on his body, then he were holding these patches on his back for 5-6 hours while he were keeping to study, play his football and do anything. His mum threw these patches away for him in the evening. He accepted this treatment once a week and took some herbal pills to make calming and stabilizing his immune system; then he was changed to one treatment in every two weeks, every month until he was gradually reducing his inhalers, and didn’t take any oral antibiotics and steroid in the eight months of times. He kept his football training and match, but he needed not to take any inhaler.

Then he was done this treatment once a week in the hottest day of summer for three times during a year; and following a continuous three years. He has been no asthma attack again.