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MS, Guillain-Barre and Neurological diseases (paper included)

Updated: Dec 19, 2018

Ms Dan Jiang had practiced as a neurologist in a well-known TCM hospital in Beijing,China, the Dongzhimen Hospital for years, and hence is very familiar with the diagnosis and treatment of neurological diseases with adopting Traditional Chinese Medicine approaches. For example, Guillain Barre syndrome, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Migraine, Stroke and so on. She has also gained some experience to manage those kinds of diseases in UK. If you suffer from one of above diseases, don’t feel despondent! Even though your condition is deteriorating, it may still be possible to be treated by Traditional Chinese Medicine therapies, even get a higher level rehabilitation. In general, Acupuncture should be one of the most suitable therapies to the neurological diseases, which should be more effect if some Chinese herbal medicines are added.

Multiple Sclerosis:

Case Study: A MS in an acute attack is controlled completely

Ms M B, 47 years old, had sudden ataxia and paralysis of her right limbs for 2 months. The paralysis progressed quickly to include the right face as well as aphasia. Neurological examination showed:

Myodynamia: three degree in right limbs; Tendon reflex: ++ in right limbs; Babinski reflex: ++ in right foot. After 2 months of Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment, she recovered completely with normal mobility, Myodynamia, tendon and balanced reflexes. Her MS recurred in her left side after 2 years and was controlled again within 3 months. She now lives a normal life.


1.Jiang D “Assessment of Treating Multiple Sclerosis (MS) by Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine----enclosed 20 case analyses” Collection of ‘98 International conference of Chinese Medicine Prevention and Treatment on the difficult Diseases 1998 Hong Kong and Medicine in Asia Jan 1999

2. Jiang D "Analysis of the Effectiveness of TCM Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis" is published in the Journal of Chinese Medicine No92, Feb 2010 P13-18 (JCM)

Guillain Barre Syndrome (Postinfective polyneuropathy):

Case Study: A chronic Guillain Barre Syndrome is gradually releasing steroid and controlled well.

Ms G C, a lady of 53, was diagnosed with Guillain Barre Syndrome 5 years ago with ataxia and paralysis in all four limbs but she still continued deteriorating recently when she is taking 40mg prednisolone and cyclaphosphamide per day so she turned to trying an alternative therapy--- Traditional Chinese Medicine.

On visiting Ms Dan Jiang, she was initially examined as follows:

Myodynamia: two degree at four limbs which means a bit of mobility of her muscle, hard to rise up. Tendon reflex: lower than normal Babinski’ reflex: positive Ataxia test: positive

Within one month of receiving acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine, she had gradually withdrawn the steroid treatment. After continuing her Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment for a further six months, her examination results were as follows:

Myodynamia: five degree at four limbs which means a normal mobility. Tendon reflex: normal She is now able to drive and do most of her housework. She reflects on her Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment in this way:

“I have suffered recurring bouts of Guillain Barre over the last five years. During 2003, I had a particularly bad relapse that left me almost paralyzed in the arms and legs. I needed assistance to wash, dress and walk. I was taking cyclaphosphamide and high doses of prednisolone, which seemed to be making my condition worse by causing muscle myopathy. At this point, I started to see Ms Dan Jiang who prescribed acupuncture and Chinese herbs to help me. I felt better almost immediately because the side effects of the prednisolone and cyclaphosphamide, such as bloating, palpitations and nausea, began to disappear. Also I started to see an improvement in functionality. Once I stopped taking the prednisolone and cylaphosphamide, and with the help of Ms Dan Jiang's treatments, I improved much faster. I am now functioning more normally than I have done for over five years and I am hoping to start jogging again next week. I am still receiving a maintenance dose of acupuncture and Chinese herbs from Ms Dan. Jiang, but my life is back to normal and I feel very optimistic for the future. I thank Ms Dan Jiang for my helping me to regain my good health.”


1. Jiang D  “Acu-moxi treatment for neurosis accompanied with Chinese herbs” (presented in the 4th International Conference of Acupuncture, New York, USA Sept 1996): published in the Collection of the Fourth World Conference on Acupuncture 1996 New York USA: and in The World United Journal for Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture 1997 New York USA.

2. Jiang D. Combined Approach to the Treatment of Neurological Diseases is published in Journal of Chinese Medicine No. 53January, 1997, P28-31. (JCM)


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