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Cancer Care

If a person suffers from cancer, Traditional Chinese Medicine is also able to give your help. We believe that that there are a self-prevention system in our body naturally. If some one suffers from cancer, you should be researched how and where are your damage in your self-healing system and repair it. Conventional western medicine emphasizes to kill cancer cells from all of its routine treatment, operation, Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy and so on which may give another destroy to your self-healing system from some of them. So it is also important to strengthen and repair your self-healing system. TCM recognize it from the observation of Qi. In general, if your Qi is filled fully and move smooth flowing in the meridians, you are fit and stronger in your body; if your Qi deficiency, your immune system will be unstable. Cancer is always invaded into your body from your weak part.

So TCM is a necessary complement to the routine treatment from conventional western medicine.  You are able to accept TCM in all stages of your cancer. Some miracle case is also able to be seen in the clinic.

  • Pre-Cancer: Some one who may be found an item or some abnormal items in the blood test is suspected cancer, but can’t qualify to be diagnosed. You should seen TCM to check your condition from Qi’s balance which may help you to heal your abnormal item to prevent the cancer happen.

  • Assisted TCM following with operation: If cancer has been diagnosed and an operation will be done, TCM will help you to strengthen your constitution for letting you bearing operation well and recovery soon.

  • Assisted TCM following with Chemotherapy: When you will accept, or are accepting a course of Chemotherapy which may cause you nausea, sickness, loose hair, reducing of blood account, TCM will help you to strengthen you and correct the side-effects from Chemotherapy.

  • Assisted TCM following with Radiotherapy: TCM will help you easy to bear the course of Radiotherapy and correct the side-effect from it.

  • Post-rehabilitation after a cancer: When you have finished all of routine treatments, you may still worry cancer’s recurrence, it is the necessary way to strengthen your constitution and make you rehabilitation completely with TCM.