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TCM and CAM treatment ONLY, keeping an ovarian cancer patient healthy for ten years

Suspected ovarian cancer used only TCM and CAM treatment for ten years, keeping patient in a good condition with tumours disappeared

Ms E, 46 years, musician, visited the clinic with solid tumours in the right abdomen. She had lost weight and it was found that the tumours in her lower right abdomen had gradually increased. Various blood tests, ultrasound and an MRI scan were performed and ovarian cancer was suspected. She refused any further treatments which the gynaecologist consultant offered her and upheld her confidence in exercising her qigong, which could not contract her tumours. Hence, she was referred to try TCM as a stronger treatment, with herbal medicine and acupuncture.

Other complaints were loss of appetite, bloated abdomen and exhaustion. She was very slim (her BMI was below normal), she had a flat abdomen with remarkable tumours that could be palpated in the right abdomen, the top level of which reached the horizontal line of the umbilicus, solid and fixed tumours. She had a light-red tongue with little coating and a wiry-fine pulse.

Regular acupuncture and herbal decoctions were given, tailored to treat her condition according to her particular stage over a two-year period. This was followed by intermittent treatments, designed according to her general condition and to what she could financially afford, for more than ten years. The author checked her in early May 2011, now 59 years old, still slim, but no tumours could be palpated in her abdomen. She feels easily tired, yet she is able to do full-time work, and she was able to bring up her son and daughter. She is keeping up with her daily qigong exercises (treatment summary in appendix four).


Dan Jiang*, Fan-Yi Meng , Lily Li and Fan Qu. (2016). The Role of Chinese Medicine in Cancer Care—a Critical Review World Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine 2016; 2(1): 68–73



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