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Updated: Jan 3, 2019

Ms N J, 42 years old, of secretary was found a Breast Cancer a year ago and was done an operation to remove the tumour. Due to a routine chemotherapy and radiotherapy have been done, she stopped her period. Since then, she started to feel hot flashes, nervous, restlessness and poor sleep; also some joint aching. She couldn’t take HRT because she had this cancer which made her sensitive to Oestrogen and she visited Dr Jiang to help her. A regular acupuncture to re-regulate her immune system, hormonal system and general well-being; also herbal pills of hormonal balance and anti-cancer was given to her.

She has been keeping in a good condition for 5 years and is discharged from the observation of Oncologist two years ago. She is enjoying her life in a normal quality of her body.

Dr Jiang prescribed Chinese herbal pills: Zhibaidihuang Wan, Kunbao Wan, Gengniankang Wan and many kinds of herbal prescription are very successful to control menopause symptoms, and don’t disturbers the Oestrogen level in your blood. They are proved by the clinical trails with thousands of cases in China and are used as a routine treatment to the patients who manifests menopause symptom, but are not suitable, or not kind to take HRT.

Herbal hormonal treatment should be taken a couple of years at least to ease the menopause symptom they are definitely rising the quality of your life, make you feeling well, full of energy and younger looking. If you would like, you can also keep taking the herbal pills of hormonal balance for a longer course that are in safe.          

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