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Protecting Embryo with Chinese Herbal Medicine for Treating Habitual Miscarriages - Case 4

Updated: Dec 18, 2018

Case 4 - The lady with Infertility caused by Erythema Lupus, was pregnant and her embryo protected, pregnancy procedure managed by TCM until her having a healthy baby by a caesarean

Mrs. R B, 38 years old of officer, suffered from active Erythema Lupus for 10 years and kept taking oral steroid treatment which couldn’t be stopped, otherwise she might experience recurring palpitation and aching in general joints. She was staying in the stable state under the control of 10g Progesterone daily. Since her immune system were staying in an active state as a result of the medication, she couldn’t get pregnant: she lived with her stalwart husband for near 10 years of expecting their baby, but no positive result. Due to their expectation, she was gradually reducing her steroid dose and was referred to me for accepting a TCM treatment, and observed by Rheumatoid-immune and Gynecological consultants. Current figures: because she had just stopped the Progesterone, she felt aching in general joints, fatigue, anxiety, and she was also nervous and restless; she had regular menstrual circles with a normal blood amount and no pain, but many symptoms of pre-menstrual tension; loose bowel 2-3 times daily, disturbed sleep. Red tongue without coating, Wiry-fine pulse. Diagnosis of Conventional western medicine:

a) Erythema Lupus (in activity)

b) Infertility

c) Differentiation of syndromes by TCM: Liver Qi stagnation and Spleen deficiency

d) Dampness accumulated throughout three burners

Treatment Acupuncture: Moxi: Ren8 (Shenque) Du20 (Baihui), Gb20 (Fengchi), Li11 (Quchi), Lu7 (Lieque), Sp10 (Xuehai), Sp9 (Yinlingquan), Sp6 (Sanyinjiao), Ki3 (Taixi), Ki2 (Xingjian), Ki6 (Zhaohai)

Among of them: Li11 and Sp10 were given special handle technique for expelling excessive dampness throughout three burners.

The first step of her herbal treatment:

a) Treating principle:

to release excessive dampness from meridians and collateral channels; to expel out accumulated Liver Qi and to reinforce spleen.

b) Chinese herbal medicine in the concentrated herbal powder form is prescribed as below:

Qianghuo (Radix EtRhizoma Notopterygii) 15, Duhuo (Radix Angelicae Pubescentis) 10, Rendongteng (Caulis Lonicerae) 15, Fuling (Poria) 10, Chaihu(Radix Bupleuri) 10, Baizhu (RhizomaAtractylodisMacrocephalae) 10, Dangui (Radix AngelicaeSinensis) 10, Chuanxiong (Radix Chuanxiong) 10, Chishao (Radix PaeoniaeRubra) 10, Zhishi (FructusAurantiiImmaturus) 10, Jixueteng (Caulis Millettiae; Caulis Spatholobi) 20, Zhigancao (Radix GlycyrrhizaePraeparata) 5.

Above acupuncture was given once per week, herbal powders were taken twice daily for two months, as a result she had no joint pain, and she had regular menstrual circle, calm mood and balance in general body.

The second step of her treatment

Treating principle: to regulate the menstrual circles and to promote pregnancy.

Acupuncture was similar to the last step and herbal powders were prescribed as below:

Shengdihuang (Radix Rehmanniae) 30, Mudanpi (Cortex Moutan ) 10, Shanzhuyu(Fructus Corni) 10, Shanyao (Rhizoma Dioscoreae) 10, Baizhu(Rhizoma Atractylodis Macrocephalae) 10, Zexie (Rhizoma Alismatis) 10, Fuling (Poria) 10, Rendongteng(Caulis Lonicerae) 10, Yimucao (HerbaLeonuri) 10, Chishao (Radix PaeoniaeRubra) 10, Chuanxiong (Radix Chuanxiong;) 10, Zelan (Herba Lycopi) 10, Xiangfu (Rhizoma Cyperi) 10, Taoren (Semen Persicae) 10, Honghua(Flos Carthami) 10, were added in prescription in the secondary week; Xianmao (Rhizoma Curculiginis) 10, Yinyanghuo (Herba Epimedii) 15 and Sharen(Fructus Amomi) 10 were added in prescription from 3rd to 4th week.

I made a bit of modification each time according to her state until 12th weeks, and she still manifested some abdominal cramp, general joint pains, unstable ESR levels, fatigue, anxiety, nausea and relevant symptoms more or less sometimes, so I adjusted the herbs to match her symptoms. I was giving her TCM treatment under the observation of both Rheumatoid-immune and Gynecological consultants, but they only observed to guarantee that she was staying in a reasonable condition. She was given a caesarean when she experienced an increasing ESR in the 32th of weeks which resulted in a possible aggravation of her immune system; Gynecological consultant thought the baby was big enough for a healthy life, so a caesarean was conducted. After terminating her pregnancy, her immune system gradually recovered, and she never used steroid anymore and remained in a good state. Both of the consultants appreciated the effective complementary effects of TCM.

For full report and result analysis please read:

Jiang, D. (2018). Protecting Embryo with Chinese Herbal Medicine for Treating Habitual Miscarriages ----- 4 Cases Study Enclosed, Perceptions in Reproductive Medicine (PRM), Jan 2018. Crimson Publishers

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