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Infertility with Endometriosis and failed IVF is cured to have a pregnancy:

Updated: Dec 18, 2018

Case study 1: Mrs C. W.

Mrs. C. W., 29 years old, who is a clerk, suffers from an endometriosis which causes a dysmenorrhoea.  After double failed to IVF, she seeks the help from TCM. A regular acupuncture and patent herbal medicines have been given to make her completely recovery from IVF and release the dysmenorrhoea. Then she is successfully conceived to labour a baby girl.

A baby girl successfully conceived and delivered
A baby girl successfully conceived and delivered

Case study 2: Mrs N. M.

Mrs N. M. 36 years old saw an acupuncturist for her infertility for over a year due to a minor Endometriosis which was proved by an ultrasound, without dysmenorrhoea, but she could not be conceived. Then she went to see Dr Jiang for TCM which means she keeps a regular acupuncture, and take some patent herbal medicine. After two months of treatment, she was pregnancy and continued another two months treatment of foetus protection at the early pregnancy. She was laboured a health girl in a caesarean in her full term.

After one and half year, she tried acupuncture for another pregnancy, she did not success in a half year of regular acupuncture; and then she want to take a course of TCM treatment with Dr Jiang, got a pregnancy in a month treatment. She was laboured another baby boy when she got her pregnancy in a full term.

Dr Jiang believes that individual lady has her own deficiency and unbalance condition, so they need various levels of treatment for each case. Some one has to accept herbs with acupuncture, because her problem can not be re-regulated by acupuncture only. Integrated acupuncture and herbs will make a high enough treating power.