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Case study: Habitual miscarriages:

A baby girl after Habitual Miscarriages was cured.
A baby girl after Habitual Miscarriages was cured.

Mrs C F, 35 years old, who is a secretary, has had three times miscarriages during last three years. She is found high prolactin. Gynaecological consultant believes that excessive prolactin may be related with stress. She is not fit to accept hormonal treatment, so she is referred to try alternative and complementary treatment.

In first two to three days after last miscarriage, she is stressful, depression, weepy, insomnia and abdominal pain. From another inner ultrasound examination, multiple cysts are found on both of her ovaries which are removed from a laparoscope. Dr Jiang gives acupuncture and herbal medicine to help her recovery and support pregnancy. She is conceived in a half year and continues to accept treatment of foetus protection. She has a baby girl when she arrives in a full term of pregnancy.

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