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ART Case 1: A successful result from IUI after TCM’s preparation

Ms L, a 29 years old receptionist, has attempted to get pregnant for two years without positive result. She had continuously taken contraceptive pills since she was 15 year old for 12 years and stopped two years ago after she was married. She had amenorrhea for 6 months, then she started having a regular menstrual circles 4-5 /28—32 since 4th Jun 2010.

Due to stressful work and the worry about her pregnancy, she visited infertility clinic for her hormonal and her husband’s sperm examination. All of them were found to be in the normal state, then she registered for an ART treatment which was due 3 months after that.

She came to visit me for releasing her stress, insomnia and wanted to have a good result with her ART treatment. Due to the fact that her friend was given a successful preparation by TCM for getting an easy IVF, she also looked for TCM’s promotion.

Clinical figures: stress, nervousness, restlessness, poor sleep, tiredness and a minor menstrual pain; Light red tongue with less coating, wiry and fine pulse.

Differentiation of TCM:

Liver Qi stagnation with blood stasis; Kidney and Spleen Qi Deficiency;

Acupuncture and Moxibustion:

  • Shen que: Moxi

  • Acupuncture:

Du 20 (Baihui), Du24 (Shenting)

Ren 4 (Guanyuan), Ren6 (Qihai), Ext18 (Zigong)

Sj5 (Waiguan), Gb 41 (Zulinqi), H7 (Shenmen), Sp 9 (Yinlingquan),

Sp6 (Sanyinjiao), Ki3 (Taixi), Ki6 (Zhaohai), Ki10 (Rangu)

Patent herbs: Jiaweixiaoyao Wan

Renshenguipi Wan


She was given Du20 baihui, Sj5waiguan and Gb41zulinqi (8 vessels cross) to remove the stagnated Qi in mind and whole body; Ren 4Guanyuan, Ren6 Qihai, and Ext18 (Zigong) to regulate the blood stasis and reinforce kidney and spleen; Ki10 rangu, Ki6zhaohai and Ki3taixi to strengthen kidney; H7 shenmen for a relaxed mind and a good sleep.


After she got three months of TCM treatment, she kept her menstrual circles 4-5/28 without period pain, she was given an IUI when she saw her gynecological consultant who also believed that she was in a good condition, and her husband had good quality sperm. She had a quick and positive result and got conceived. She had a baby boy after she got in a full term.


IUI is a simple type of ART. Due to a long period of taking contraceptive pills, although she recovered her menstrual circles, and possessed normal hormonal examination figures, her ovary was not sensitive enough. TCM diagnosis for her was Kidney deficiency; she was in a pre-clinical state and couldn’t conceive easily. Acupuncture was the best and the most suitable treatment for her state, which gave her some necessary stimulation to rehabilitate her ovary function completely. Some patent herbs were given to her for increasing the treating effect. Gynecological consultant also believed her state was improved, and there was a good sperm from her husband, so she was given IUI only —a simple type of ART. She had success after only one attempt.

Reference: Dan Jiang, Tianjun Wang, Chapter 8: TCM’s promotion to Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART), Understanding, Managing and Treating Female Infertility with Traditional Chinese Medicine, Edited by Peilin Sun, Weixiang Wang, Shulan Tang, Dec 2018, Publisher: Singing Dragon.


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