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Case studies: Infertility - Support IVF with TCM treatment

Updated: Dec 18, 2018

Babies given birth with Dr Jiang's Help of TCM
Babies given birth with Dr Jiang's Help of TCM

Dr Jiang believes that individual lady has her own deficiency and unbalance condition, so they need various levels of treatment for each case. Some one has to accept herbs with acupuncture, because her problem can not be re-regulated by acupuncture only. Integrated acupuncture and herbs will make a high enough treating power.

Case 1: After three times of failed IVF, a successful pregnancy with a triplet has been supported by TCM:

Two girls and one boy, all in healthy conditions
Two girls and one boy, all in healthy conditions

Mrs. T F, 27 years old, who is a trainer, has been no-result when she tries pregnancy for more than five years. She is diagnosed a blockage on left fallopian tube and cysts on left ovary. Her husband is found some antibodies in his sperm which can’t be fertilized with his wife’s egg.  A laparoscope has been done to take cysts away, but both of fallopian tubes have been blockages, she is told.

Both of them accept TCM treatments. Husband takes some patent herbs for improving his sperm condition; wife accepts regular acupuncture and concentrated herbal powders for making a regular menstrual circle. After two years of treatment, she gets the fourth IVF with a successful multiple pregnancies and is done a caesarean to have two girls and one boy who are in health conditions.

Case 2: The lady who is near menopause has been supported by TCM to have a boy through IVF:

A healthy son with a successful IVF
A healthy son with a successful IVF

Mrs. S M, 49 years old, is a teacher. She was pregnant when she was 23 years old, but met an inevitable abortion in 40 days. She has never been conceived again since then. After she is 40 years old, she starts to worry on her reproductive function and seeks diagnosis and treatment. She is found blockages on both of her fallopian tubes and failed two times of IVF. She visits Dr Jiang when she is 49 years old who has missed two months of her menstruation. She also has exhaustion, hot flashes, depression tinnitus, insomnia and other early-menopause symptoms. After a half year of TCM treatment, which strengthens kidney and spleen to regulate her hormone, she restarts her period and stops all of symptoms. Then she has a healthy son with a successful IVF.

For more details please read the publications linked in the reference section below.

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